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A DIY Floral Workshop with Guerlain!

Creative Business Mar 10, 2018

A DIY Floral Workshop with Guerlain

Flowers for days

A few days ago I had the pleasure of hosting an influencer workshop in Sydney with the delightful French fragrance brand Guerlain, to celebrate the launch of their new fragrance Mon Guerlain. After months of working with the team on the venue, the feel and, of course, the project, it was so exciting to finally see it all come together! We worked for a long time to decide the best DIY project to choose for the event – I was really keen to do something I had never seen done in a workshop format before, and with florals that can be challenging sometimes. But you guys know how much love a creative challenge!

We used the key fragrance notes as inspiration for the project, drawing on the scents of vanilla, jasmine, lavender and sandalwood to come up with the idea of floral garland balloons, festooned with jasmine leaves and flowers. It was so amazing to see everyone making their own versions on the day!

A DIY Floral Workshop with Guerlain!

We chose China Height Gallery in Sydney as the venue, with its minimal but rustic feel it has the perfect vibe for this sort of event. It was the perfect blank canvas!

I wore this soft and flowy Paddo to Palmy dress… Such an easy and pretty thing to throw on when my alarm went off at 5am! (Something that was sorely needed considering the baby decided on the previous night to play football in my tummy!).

Drawing on the design of the fragrance bottle, soft pinks, golds and greenery were incorporated into the space.

This is the DIY project we did with all the guests!

There was a delicious breakfast that was almost (!) too pretty to eat, and of course coffee from my friends at Nespresso. They always bring the goods!



It was amazing to have so many close friends at this event! It always makes it easier to stand up in front of a room full of people and show them how to make a DIY when you’ve got your buddies smiling at you. Thanks to everyone who came including Talisa, Kaity, Tara, Helen and Emma.

I always love seeing how everyone’s projects come together, they’re always so different and unique!


Thank you Guerlain, Cosmax and Justine for having me on board for this amazing project!

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