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7 Macramé Projects To Try This Weekend

Home DIY Nov 11, 2018

Looking for a project this weekend? Look no further!

Although my weekends these days go by in a blur, if there’s one thing I still *try* to make time for it’s crafting. Whenever I get some downtime in front of the TV, I always like to add a bit of craft to the mix. It’s the best way to destress! Honestly. And the ultimate distressing craft? Has to be macrame, the repetitive action of knotting is about as good as it gets for helping you leave the whole week behind. Here are a few you might want to try!

Learn the Basic Macrame Knots

The best thing about macrame is that most projects are based on a handful of simple knots, meaning once you master those you can make so many things! Check out our knotting guide below for where to start. You gotta start somewhere right?

Do It Yourself: Macramé Knotting Guide | Knotting with Windy Chien

Craft Something for The Home

What better way to spruce up your space than with a touch of macramé? A great way to add a personal and an au natural feel… At the same time channelling boho vibes to your home. Here are a few DIY’s to get your home decor all decked out… The light is not for the faint hearted but looks so great!

Do It Yourself: DIY Macramé Chandelier | Macramé Wall Hanging | Macramé Plant Hangers | Macramé Dreamer | Macramé Deck Chair

Wear Your Macrame

Whether it be a trip down to the market place or a day on the beach…I’d always like to fit to the scene with some macramé infused in my outfit, adding a bit of quirkiness to your days out!

Do It Yourself: Roped Macramé Necklace | DIY Macramé Rope Bag | Rope Bag 2.0

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