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Five Steps For Restyling Any Room

Styling Jul 9, 2019

Hey guys! Coming back to you with one of my faves, a very simple before and after of a neglected corner in the house.

Chances are you’ve got a room of the house that needs a bit of love. Maybe it’s overflowing with stuff. Or maybe it just sits there forlornly without any real purpose. For starters, the fact that you have a spare room or corner is a win in itself (there’s not a spare square inch in our Hong Kong apartment!), now all you need to do it work out what to do with it. So, it’s time for a little TLC. This little corner in the office had acted as a bit of an overflow area for projects, clothes and anything miscellaneous. After a bout of Marie Kondo-ing, we managed to clear it out, but then it just sat their empty. Until recently! I gave it a little overhaul and I thought I would share a few basic tips and tricks for you for overhauling any sad corner of your house.

Start with a rug

You need not go far to be reminded of my love of rugs, and I’ve said many times on this blog that they absolutely MAKE. A. SPACE. Allow me to repeat that. They make a space. And sure, they’re a big investment, but the best thing is that once you have a few you can move them around the house on a whim, allowing you to completely transform any space. Make your own round one using this tutorial.

Add In A Statement Piece of Furniture

To give a corner purpose, you need to add something that makes a bit of a statement. Obviously this very beautiful chair from Trit House I added to the space is just perfect. I mean, look at it! With out a doubt a statement chair is a great option and will give your space purpose and focus, but equally a set of shelves or a bench can really change the feel.

Try something hanging

When thinking about a space it’s worth starting with the bottom up (rugs, furniture) and then moving to the top down, which is where hanging something can really make a space sing. Hang some art on the walls, consider a pendant light of some kind, or make a macrame wall hanging and put it up. Even simple curtains in a nice fabric can completely change the feel of a space.

Layer in some detail

I think of smaller decor items as detail that tie your space together really well. First, I start with books. I love to snap up pretty books from secondhand store specifically for styling a room. Then I add in a few candles, ceramics, vases and anything else I can get my hands on that matches the palette. For me, the more texture the better!

Top off with some life

The cherry on top? Plants and other foliage! But you knew I was going to say that didn’t you? Because to me, it would be crazy to have a space without some greenery. That said, depending on your decor you might want to add some dried pampas grasses, or some dried flowers. It doesn’t have to be GREEN, because green plants don’t go with all decor schemes, but adding life to a space, in whatever form, really helps to bring it together.

Chair, art and side table all from Trit House.


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