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Common Flower Care Myths Busted

The Collective Oct 10, 2019

You guys, I am soooo excited to introduce to Kate of Sir Botanical, who has joined us here as resident florist!

But to think of Kate as a simple florist has to be the understatement of the century – one look through her beautiful Instagram account and you’ll see straight away that she is an artist in every sense of the word. Her eye for design and her adventurousness when it comes to how she places and juxtaposes flowers is seriously impressive and always has me looking twice or three times. Which is why I’m so excited to have her join the collective and share her knowledge and process with us here. To start with she’s going back to basics, and debunking some of those flower care myths you might be slaves to!

Longer vase life for your market blooms? Myths BUSTED. We’ve all heard our Mothers’ and Grandmothers’ tips on how to keep your flowers alive for longer, well I know I sure have…….so sit back and get ready to hear me go 2005 Myth-busters on what you may have heard and let you know what we have tried and tested at the Sir Botanical studio!

Myth: Put a tablespoon of sugar in the vase to keep those roses living longer.


Sugar really doesn’t do much at all to feed your bunches. We find that if you put anything in the vase, its best to put a small dash of standard dishwashing detergent and foam it up with some fresh tap water! This wards off any bacteria in the stem of your flowers and keeps the water cleaner for longer.

Myth: Take any leaves off the blooms that may sit in the water.


It’s the very first step we take when we bring our blooms back from the markets! Leaves take energy away from the heads of the flowers, so strip the leaves off all of your blooms from at least half way down their stem. Wet leaves are also the number one cause of murky water and bacteria in your vase! So get plucking!

Myth: Change the water every 2-3 days.


While this isn’t necessarily a BAD thing to do we always like to change that water daily! It may seem inconvenient, but when those babies are pushing for a ten-day vase life you will surely surprise yourself.

Myth: keep those flowers out of the sun, girl!


If you keep your vase of blooms out of direct sunlight, you will see an extra few days out of them than if they were soaking up some rays on your dining table. But keep them out of high-humidity areas like your bathroom or laundry (honestly though if you have flowers in your laundry I feel like you’re living your very best life).

So these are our go-to’s for getting the most out of your market bunches! Flowers are, in my very biased opinion, one of the most beautiful ways to transform any room (maybe not a laundry? Idk) so put in a little work to get them blooming for longer!

Thanks Kate! Make sure to check out Kate’s website and her Instagram.

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