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Two Ways to Hang a Rug Headboard!

Rental Hacks Oct 8, 2019

You may gave noticed that I never take a rest from experimenting with in our master bedroom. This time? I’m all about testing out headboards!

I absolutely love trying out new headboards, because to me,  decoration above the bed makes such a big difference to the whole vibe of the room. The trouble is that some headboards can be way too permanent, or too hard to put up. Recently I snapped up a vintage rug on Etsy, and wanted to experiment with using it in the bedroom. I also had fun styling the room with these linen sheets from Cultiver– featuring their new cedar colour. I like that it ties in perfectly with the  rug!

The first thing you should do when you are using a rug as a headboard is to clean your rug thoroughly. I gave this one a very good vacuum so that it doesn’t hold too much dust above us in bed. Then, make sure that you clean it regularly whilst it’s up!

Using A Dowel

The first option for hanging your rug headboard is using a simple dowel method. If you know me at all you’ll be aware that I LOVE using dowels around the house for just about everything – as hanging storage, in Frankie’s room and in the closet. They are just the most versatile material. And they are perfect for hanging a rug as a headboard!

Putting it up couldn’t be more simple. All you need to do it measure two level points on the wall and nail in some picture hooks (measure from the ground or ceiling to get the level points). Then cut two pieces of leather as loops to go around the ends of the dowel. Make holes in the leather so they can attach to the wall hooks, then slide the dowel onto the leather holders. Fold the rug over the dowel hanger and you’re done!


Using two hooks

This is an idea I stumbled open when I was experimenting with the rug. And in case you thought the dowel was easy, this is even easier. This involves a very easy way to hang the rug, where you basically attach it to two hooks on the wall to create a cascading effect. The works the best if it’s a runner rug that it’s too long, rather than a big rug.

To do this one I simply looped the rug over the hooks in two places at the edge of the rug. I used the same hooks as I had up for the dowel hanger, so if you need to out these in you should measure from the floor or ceiling to get to level locations. Enjoy!

Decor and styling in the bedroom:

Cultiver linen sheets – cedar duvet cover and blush fitted sheet and pillow cases, DIY Mud cloth cushions, rug from Etsy, vintage pink sideboard painted in Haymes Humas, West Elm lantern, throw, jewellery box and wooden plate, DIY vase lamp, Lumira candle, antique mirror, DIY rope planter holder.


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