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Five Projects To Keep You Occupied (& Beat The Boredom!)

Home DIY Apr 28, 2020

‘Only boring people get bored’ is what my mum used to tell me when I was little. But with so much time spent at home right now, I think we’d all be forgiven for feeling a bit bored now and again. And although I keep reminding myself that boredom is a complete luxury compared with what so many are experiencing, it’s still nice to be distracted.

I have to admit, it’s been a difficult few months. Whilst we’ve been very lucky here in Australia to be experiencing a flattening of the curve, and to be seeing our social isolation efforts rewarded, it’s still tough I guess humans aren’t really made for social isolation are we? I can only imagine what those of you who live in the hardest hit places in the world are experiencing right now.

One thing that has been keeping me sane is staying busy in the house with little projects here and there. I noticed the more at a loose end I was the more anxiety ridden and out of control I started feeling.  In case you need a bit of inspiration for easy boredom buster projects, I have pulled together a few for you. I know craft isn’t the cute for everything, but I have to say it has been helping me.

Paint A Wall Arch

Our home didn’t easily integrate structural arches when we renovated, so I’ve since set about adding them in the form of paint.  Some might say that there are too many arches in our home now, but I have no complaints! The best part? It’s soooo easy to paint an arch into your space using space paint – on a door, as a shelf or even a headboard!

Paint arched shelves | Paint Your Front Door | Paint A Headboard

Make A Clay Wall Hanging

I’ve noticed this project has been recreated a lot recently, and for good reason. It’s such an easy one to make and looks just so so pretty in your space. You can also get creative with colours, shapes and the overall design – making it satisfying and the perfect panacea for boredom.

Read how to make a clay wall hanging here.

Display Your Photos

Remember how you’ve always been complaining about not having time to print photos? Well now you do. Print them online or using your home printer, then style them up as part of your decor!

Plank Photo Display | Tassel Frames | Photo Calendar 

Paint Some Vases (or anything, really)

It would be remiss of me not to mention the fact that PAINTING VASES IS SOOO SATISFYING. And kills boredom in an instant. And you don’t even need to stick to vases, which can be a bit tricky when you can’t get to a thrift shop. Glass bottles or jars work just as well! Or even lamps…

Tips and tricks for this project here.

Organise Your Kitchen Cupboards

You know you’re a home body when you get excited about organising all your jars. But there you have it!

Read how to do this here.


Let us know your thoughts!

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