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How to Makeover Your Bathroom When You Can’t Renovate

Styling Sep 24, 2020

I have to say, bathrooms are my favourite room in the house to makeover. I mean, who doesn’t like planning new tiles and fittings? But what about when you can’t renovate? Like, if you’re renting, living with family or just don’t have the cash to splash?

In these situations, bathrooms can be a little demoralising, as you look around and wonder what you can possibly do to improve the space. I’ve been there! Having rented for much of the last decade, bathrooms in need of a refresh have been the norm for me. I know it can seem like there’s nothing to be done, but for me, the first place to start is by refreshing the bathroom accessories. It may seem like a small thing, but it makes such a difference!

For me, modern, minimalist bathroom accessories are central to a beautiful bathroom. Remember how I overhauled my brother’s bathroom last year by updating his bathroom accessories? They honestly completely updated the space. In my opinion, even the most far gone bathroom can be improved with new accessories.

You may have tried to update your bathroom accessories in the past, but have been stumped by the not-so-ideal options on the market. Ugly suction accessories that more often than not fall off the wall in the middle of the night (causing you to jump out of bed whilst still half asleep), or mechanical fixings that require you to drill into the tiles. Both of these options are not ideal.

Which is why I love tesa’s range of bathroom accessories. They use patented adhesive mounting technology that acts like it’s permanently fixed to the wall, but is in fact, easily removable. So basically, the best of both worlds!

My friend recently moved into a new rental apartment, which is quite nice but has absolutely zero storage or bathroom accessories. I was excited to get the opportunity to help her update the space using my favourite tesa products! I opted for the sleek Loxx range, with rounded edges and modern design, and they worked perfectly in her space. I opted for a towel rail, some hooks, a hand towel holder and a shelf, but these are only a few of the huge range of accessories that tesa offers. What’s even better, is that when she moves out, she can take them with her!

It took me only an afternoon to help her put these into her space, and this process is so easy, it can be done no matter how much DIY experience you have. There’s no tools required and absolutely zero drilling!

  • First, I prepped the surface by cleaning it with an alcohol based cleaner. I let that dry for half an hour.
  • The next step is to apply the adapter to the wall. I removed the sticker from the back of the adapter and pressed it onto the wall. For the towel rail, I used the rail to check where the other adapter had to sit on the other side.
  • Next up, it was time for the glue! I applied the adhesive into the hole in the front of the adapter, squeezing it out until I could see it was full. I then let the glue dry for 12 hours.
  • The final step was to place the accessory onto the adapter. First, I used the Allen key to open the grub screw in the base of the accessory. I then slotted the base onto the adapter. Using the Allen key, I tightened the screw to secure the accessory in place. Done!

The best thing about tesa’s range is that if you need to move or update the accessory, you just simply remove it by rotating the mounting adapter clockwise with a pipe wrench or jaw pliers.

The shelf and other accessories I put into my brother’s bathroom last year have held up so perfectly and really do seem like they are permanently attached to the wall. It’s such great technology and is an easy solution for so many bathrooms. For a perfectly transformed space in just a few hours!

Pssst if you are looking to update your own bathroom, I’m giving away a fantastic collection of tesa items over on my Instagram from Sept 25, make sure to check it out!

Click here to see the full range at Bunnings.

This post is in collaboration with tesa.


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