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Frankie's Bedroom Makeover

Home DIY Oct 14, 2020

Can you believe it’s time for Frankie to move into a big girl bed?!

I’ve been feeling for a while that Frankie was ready to move out of her cot, her cousin recently got a big girl bed and Frankie has been so obsessed with it (like, wants to sleep over every night lol). Even though she’s only two and half, it felt like the right time to move her on. I always felt like a cot wasn’t particularly comfy, and after taking the sides off it a while ago she’s gotten used to climbing in and out.

I looked around for a bed for her, and in the end we picked out this house frame bed (they have a dark wood version too). She even gave it her toddler stamp of approval! I love this piece because you can do so many creative things with it, like hang tings on it, add lights etc. Before we put it together I took a template on a piece of canvas of the sides because I have it in mind to sew a canvas tent to go over the top.

I also added a new herringbone jute rug, I love how much it freshened up the space. Maybe Frankie can sleep in our bed and I’ll sleep here!

In this room

Casa House Bedframe, Madge Herringbone Jute rug, Genova Basket, Gathre World Map, DIY mud cloth cushion, DIY painted cabinet, DIY painted arched shelves, stool designed by Ben, DIY macrame lampDIY ring wreath.

Frankie slept for the first time in the bed earlier this week and she loved it! I made a big deal about the surprise waiting for her at home (she’s easily swayed by surprises haha) and she fell for it straight away. Particularly when her cousin came over and proclaimed she wanted a house bed too lol. I was nervous about her falling out on the first night, so put a lumbar cushion under the fitted sheet along the edges. A few of you suggested a pool noodle or a rolled up towel. Obviously a more permanent option is a bed rail, but I am going to see if she adjusts first. So far so good! The best part about this bed? I can lie down during story time!

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