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How To Choose A Festive Style For Your Home

Styling Nov 4, 2020

Anyone else excited to decorate for Christmas? Seriously, 2020 has been a pretty full on year for most of us and a bit of festive cheer is more than welcome.

With some many options for how to style your space this Christmas, I thought it would be fun to chat about how to choose styling that truly reflects you and your personality. I was thinking about this recently because I was looking back at last year’s Christmas and realised just how much I liked the festive decor I chose for the house, even though it wasn’t traditional at all! It was the first time I had really felt that it was me, and us as a family. So I wanted to share a few tips for how to do that for your own space.

Consider Your Existing Palette

I’m not sure about you but I love the idea of decorations that compliment what the house already looks like, because it just comes together so well. So when thinking about what type of tree, wreaths, smaller decor and other items you want, it’s useful to think about the colours and styles in your home already.

Think About Your Options

There are so many different ways to bring festive vibes into your space, here are a few I have considered

Traditional The whole hog! Go for lots of green and red, big evergreen wreaths and garlands, a big tree covered in decorations and lots of warm candlelight.

Scandinavian A little more pared back, golden himmeli decorations, rustic wood and lots of warm candlelight.

White Christmas Embrace non traditional colours with a white Christmas theme, in the form of a white tree and cooler tones like blues and silvers.

Coastal If you’re in a warm climate, embrace a beachy Christmas vibe with lots of white, woven textures, and boho accents.

Understand if you’re a minimalist or a maximalist

I like a touch of festive cheer but I’m not one for going completely over the top, it’s not easy even if I wanted to now that we have a toddler! But it’s useful to decide how far you want to go with decorating, do you want to do up every corner of the house or are you more about adding a light festive touch to your home?

Pair Your Tree With Your Home

Your tree sets the tone for  your festive style, and there are so many options! A traditional real tree is so beautiful, as is a tree alternative like a branch tree, light tree or plywood tree. A great tree reflects the features of the house and your lifestyle, and I like to pair the palette of the decorations with the decor of the room.

Add Some Sparkle

When in doubt, an easy way to add festive cheer to your home is to add some sparkle in the form of metallics, spray painted details or tinsel. Enjoy!

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