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Three (new!) DIYs with Broken Travertine

Home DIY Jan 31, 2023

Maybe one day I’ll stop trying to come up with new travertine tile project ideas, but today is not that day!

I recently made this salt and pepper dish with broken pieces of travertine tile. I loved the rough edge look of it and it got me thinking more about what else I could create with these broken pieces. A few people asked me what I was going to do with the leftover broken tile, so I decided to experiment a bit more.  After playing around with them a little, I came up with these three (new!) DIYs with broken travertine that you could easily do with one tile, a bit of Liquid Nails and a free afternoon.

1. Travertine Candle Stick Holder

For this project I simply used a couple of the smaller sized pieces of broken travertine. You can use whatever size you want but I used two that were around the size of my hand. Then, I attached a threaded brass tube to each with Liquid Nails. You can find the threaded brass tubes at Bunnings, they have quite a few options but just make sure your candle will actually fit in them!

2. Travertine Mini Mirror

Inspired by this mirror I made in the past, I had this craft mirror from Kmart that I bought a while ago and just removed the plywood from behind it. Using three pieces of broken travertine (one larger and two smaller) I attached one of the smaller pieces to the larger piece using liquid nails and then attached the mirror to the back side of the smaller piece and finally the second smaller travertine piece to the back of the mirror to secure it all.

3. Travertine Bookends

This project requires the least amount of materials, just travertine and liquid nails. Travertine is so perfect for making bookends because it’s quite heavy so has the right amount of weight – I made some similar ones a little while ago, but for these I tried out a different design. For this one I used four pieces of broken travertine (two larger, two smaller). Simply glue the smaller one to the larger one and let dry!

I know the whole travertine tile project isn’t for everyone, but I personally love the “caveman core” look lol.

If you’d like to discover more of my travertine projects I’d linked a few below.

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