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Bikini to Bra-kini

How to wear it Aug 7, 2014

Being a fan of anything summer related, bikinis are obviously high on my list of things to wear during the sweatier months – as hopefully it means I’m close to the beach or a pool. But, as most of you will know, one of the draw backs of being a bikini-aholic is strap marks. Now, although this isn’t a ‘real’ problem in the sense of more disastrous things like Ebola and earthquakes, it does annoy me a little when I have to transition into regular clothes. Short of wearing only bandeaux styles, I wanted to share with you an (admittedly very very simple) summer hack for lessening those halter lines and allowing instant beach to bar action, a quick bikini to bra-kini mix up.

Wearing: One Teaspoon Bandit shorts (also like these) , Triangl black bikini, Panama, Daniel Wellington watch.

Clearly an actual tutorial for this isn’t needed, but for those of you interested to try it out you can either a) get a friend or lover to tie the neck straps to the strap that goes around the back of your string bikini (recommended) or b) do it yourself by tying your bikini on back to front (so the cups are at your back) and then tying the shoulder straps separately to the back strap. Once you’ve done that turn your bikini around the right way and have fun! Just don’t forget the SPF 50…

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