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4 Different Ways to Wear a White Shirt

How to wear it Jan 18, 2016

4 Different Ways to Wear a White Shirt

The white shirt, kind of like the white flag of your wardrobe…

Perfect for this time of year when dragging yourself out of the house is difficult enough without complicated outfit choices. Wave Throw on that white shirt and away you go. But don’t think of it as giving up (at least not out loud), because in my experience a white shirt can help you look completely together, even when you’re far from it. Just *try* not to spill any food on it… If you’re feeling motivated about tomorrow’s outfit but don’t want to stray far from the comfort of your favourite white shirt, I suggest you contemplate mixing it up. Knotting, wrapping and tying it up in fact, to create these off the shoulder, one shoulder, skirt and backless styles. Enjoy!

4 Different Ways to Wear a White Shirt

The Off The Shoulder


The Bow Back


The Skirt


The One Shoulder


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