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Can We Talk About Bras? ( . )( . )

How to wear it Feb 29, 2016

Talk About Bras

Ok guys, this is going to come as a slightly random conversation topic where I would usually be sharing DIY tutorials or home inspiration ideas, but hear me out! The reason I bring this up is because over time I have noticed (from your emails, comments and tweets) that you guys are interested in the topic of bras. What to wear with what, where to buy and how to approach the dreaded strapless bra. And I’m super interested too! It’s clear that above all else, we’re searching for something that’s comfortable, supportive and good looking (kinda like the ultimate boyfriend…. amiright ladies?). But, as I’m sure you’re all aware, that all important tri-fecta can be illusive – in both men and bras.

Let’s be honest, over the last couple of years this has been a bigger and bigger frustration for me, finding one that fits, looks great and you can wear all day. Clearly as you get older a good bra becomes more essential (cue The Sweetest Thing: “22 (arms up) 26 (arms down)”).  Sooooooo I’m on a bit of a bra crusade recently and before I dive headfirst into research, bounce testing and whatnot, I wanted to get you guys in on the discussion… Can we please talk about bras?

Namely: Do you have any favourites? What’s your strapless bra solution? Do you have any major frustrations when it comes to bras? How soon after you get home do you take yours off (ha, ok maybe that one’s rhetorical… maybe – for me it’s about 12 minutes!)? Are you all about matching sets, lace or something more athletic? In addition, please also let me know if you have any bra questions you want answered!

Oh and check out my tutorial to make your own pretty bralette. It’s one of those comfy ones you can hang on the couch in but probably shouldn’t jog down the street in (if you’re busty).

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