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How To Make Christmas Wreaths Using Cardboard

Christmas Nov 21, 2022

One thing I always know I’ll have come Christmas? Way too many cardboard boxes. You all know how much I love upcycling cardboard to get festive, there are just so many things you can do with it.

So when Kivari tasked me with creating a festive project, I knew I wanted to try out this easy hack for making a Christmas wreath that involves nothing more than cardboard, string and some greenery you can pluck for your garden (or a neighbours!).

Material You’ll Need To Make These DIY Christmas Wreaths Using Cardboard

  • Cardboard
  • Plate & Bowl
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Greenery
  • Ribbon or Fabric Strips (I used leftover fabric strips from an old project).

For this project, note that the greenery will only last a few days (give or take depending on where you live and the climate). If you want to have ti last for the whole festive season you can use dried foliage or fake greenery. Or just make the day before your festivities such as Christmas Day for a fresh look.

How To Make DIY Christmas Wreaths Using Cardboard


Begin by Tracing a circle on your piece of cardboard (I used a dinner plate) and then trace a smaller circle on the inside of the first circle (I used a bowl). You can make the width of these wreaths as thick or thin as you like but I went with this size as it's small enough that's it's easy to hide but not too skinny that it will fall apart. Once you've finished tracing, simply cut it out using a pair of scissors or an exacto knife. 


I then secured a piece of string around the cardboard wreath by tying it tight and then twisting it around the wreath 10 or 11 times. This is what I'll stick the greenery into.


Once I had collected the greenery I wanted to use, I simply began cutting and placing the olive branches in between the cardboard and the string. You'll likely need to play around a little bit and try different sized branches to get the look you're going for. I filled one side of the wreath until I couldn't see the cardboard.


Once the greenery was done, I cut out a strip of left over fabric and looped it around the wreath, using a pin I secures the two pieces together when I went to hang it up.

Like what you see? Or just want to save it for later?

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Once I had made these gorgeous wreaths I set the table for a little festive celebration, and donned my favourite Kivari dress!

I loved doing this project because it was so simple and added the perfect festive glow to our back deck. If you’re looking for more Christmas related projects, check out the ones below.

Christmas Shelf Advent Calendar 

Trash To Terracotta Christmas Ornaments

This post is on collaboration with Kivari.

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