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Making Upcycled Personalised Easter Baskets!

Kids Crafts Mar 28, 2023

Frankie, Bobbie and their cousins are so excited about the annual backyard egg hunt this Easter, and I decided that I had to personalise baskets for them to use. It’s details like this that I feel like make things feel that little bit more special!

Yesterday I went in search of some old baskets in my local secondhand stores that I could upcycle to make easter baskets, and I found a few! Using my favourite Cricut Maker 3 Machine, I was able to use the Design Space app to select the font I wanted and other Easter themed shapes. I simply cut the shapes out with my Cricut onto felt. This was such a simple project that only took me an afternoon to do and I think the girls will love them.!

Tools You’ll Need to make personalised easter baskets using Cricut

Creating My Design:

The Cricut Design Space app is amazing for finding ideas for designs for projects like this one. No matter what I have needed I’ve always been able to find it, so for this one I searched for rabbits, daisies and then used the font “Vala” for the names. It was so easy to put together these designs and didn’t take much time at all.

How To Make Personalised Easter Baskets Using Cricut:


I started out by using painters tape to stick down the felt onto my Cricut cutting mat to make sure it stayed flat and secure while being cut.


Then I cut out my chosen Easter shapes from the Design Space app using my Cricut. This included the names, the outline of the daisy petals, the middle of the daisy and a little bunny head for the Easter flags I wanted to include in each basket.


Once all the shapes were cut out I began gluing the names and daisies onto the basket.


To create the flag I simply cut out a triangle from cardstock, hot glued the bunny head onto it and then attached that to a wooden skewer with hot glue.


After leaving the glue to dry, I filled the baskets with goodies and voila. They're all ready. Now just to remember not to put the eggs out the night before (last time the possum ate them overnight!).


This was such an easy project that will just be that special little touch to their egg hunt later this week!

If you’re looking for more Easter project to try, take a peak at the ones below!

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This project is in collaboration with Cricut.

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