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I Designed An Overalls Collection!

Collective Gen Mar 24, 2024

I’m beyond excited to share with you something I’ve been working on behind the scenes. Introducing, Collective Gen Overalls!

Over the last year and a half I’ve been working busily designing these to be the ultimate mix of style and functionality. They’re made for makers, and for those of you who like to be creative no matter what you’re doing.

Shop the collection here.  Shipping is currently free throughout  Australia, and free to the US, Canada, New Zealand, UK and Europe when you spend over a certain amount (the website will automatically show you based on your region).

Creating a collection like this has been a dream of mine for so long! Basically I wanted to create workwear that’s not just practical and comfortable but also a canvas for your creativity, clothing you can wear that makes you feel comfortable, full of ideas and like you can truly get your hands dirty. From choosing the perfect recycled cotton canvas fabric to adding functional pockets and designing a flattering fit, it has taken so long but I’m so happy with these. I learnt so many lessons the hard way through this but kept going until they were perfect. There’s a long and a short version and trust me, you’re not going to want to take these off.


Everything about the design of these was thought about, down to even the tiniest detail. Including:

  • They’re made of a premium recycled cotton canvas so they’re super comfy and breathable.
  • The fabric is also really lovely looking so it means you can dress these up or down depending on how and where you want to wear them.
  • They have really functional pocket detailing – nice deep pockets at the hips and on the bum and a front pocket with a section for your phone and then a section for tools/pen/paint brush or whatever else you might need.
  • They have been designed to create a really flattering silhouette.
  • We worked hard to design the cross style back so that it’s comfortable, sits flat and the straps never fall off your shoulders.
  • Finally, for the adjustable straps we added extra length so that they’re really flexible and accomodate a range of torso lengths. We also designed buckles that are firm and don’t slip or move.

Phew! Honestly I couldn’t love these more. The only problem with designing these is that I’m never going to want to wear any of my other clothes! I’m so excited for you to try them and for us to get creative together! Shop them here!




Shout out to The Borrowed Nursery for having us in to shoot these pics!

Shop Collective Gen


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