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Suitcase Essentials: Silk and Cashmere

How to wear it Oct 6, 2016

Silk and Cashmere

Hello from Spain guys! Anyone else feeling the change in seasons… and loving it? I have to say I am. The between seasons are my favourite time of the year (I mention this all the time), when you can mix your favourite pieces together and aren’t constrained by the too hot or too cold weather. But what do you take in your suitcase when travelling during these transeasons, when you’re just as likely to be freezing as boiling? After travelling around the world and back I’ve learnt one thing, it’s allllll about layers. Comfortable, breathable layers in luxe fabrics that wear well and also make you feel great. Enter, silk and cashmere worn in combination. Layers done right. These two fabrics tick all the travel boxes (and indeed, all the home ones too), and are a staple in my Spain non-hiking suitcase.

Wearing this and this.

Suitcase Essentials: Silk and Cashmere

I recently added some of Grana’s new silk styles  (the v neck tops are perfectly minimalist) to my wardrobe and found that they nail the whole ‘on-the-go-but-also-look-presentable’ approach, and the tops I bought also comes out of your suitcase relatively wrinkle free (particularly the darker shades) which is a serious bonus when you’d rather be drinking sangria than ironing (!). For cooler mornings and evenings I’ve been layering these up with a cashmere boyfriend sweater (still in tip top since I got it last autumn), making me ready for whatever Spain has to throw at me … Lucky I’m not here during the tomate festival… that would be another story.

Black and blush. Too easy.

On the subject of layering, I’ve given a lot of thought. Doing it well can be a tricky beast, particularly in the between seasons when you’ve no idea how the weather will go during the day annnnddd when you’re travelling somewhere you lack intel. Which is where layering with the right natural breathable fabrics come in. Just as they re important in humid climates, they’re essential in places that are (or could be) coolish and warmish – they allow sweat to escape but also hold onto heat in when you need it. Think of them as the pertly designed house. When it comes to layering for mild (but potentially volatile) climates, the  mixing of breathable fabrics like silk and cashmere, and wearing them in combination, comes in. Ready for any weather! This Grana cashmere boyfriend sweater and silk dress are ideal on all counts. Perfect for layering when it gets cold in the mornings, and pulling off when the sun comes out later and you start to sweat!

I’m soooo looking forward to sharing travel guides to the Sierra Navada, Granada, Seville and Cordoba soon. This place has me never wanting to leave. 🙂

This little DIY hanger was so easy to make and is the perfect coat/cashmere rack! I’ll talk you through the steps when I get back to the studio.

Don’t forget to use the code at Grana’s checkout ‘apasxgrana’ to get 10% off. xx

This post is in collaboration with Grana.

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