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20 Simple Handmade Gifts To Make This Weekend

Home DIY Dec 6, 2019

Hey guys! There’s three weeks left until Christmas, which means there’s still time to MAKE your Christmas gifts.

You know the gifts that leave a special mark on you? The ones that are hand made. I’m sure you remember that pot of jam or spice mix that someone made and gave to you once. And whilst making your gifts might sound hard, but in reality it can be easier than dropping into lots of different shops to buy things for people. I love making easy things in bulk, like chia jam or granola, which can be gifted to lots of different people and help you to tick off your gift list efficiently. So below I have rounded up a bunch of easy gifts that you can make for your loved ones this year. Enjoy!

For The Plant Lover

Plant lovers are great people (I may be a *little*biased), and they definitely deserve an on-theme gift this year! The following ones aren’t too hard to make and are sure to be remembered.

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger | Tea Towel Wrapped Plant | Easy Leaf Wreaths | Rope Planter

For The Home Body

Stay in and make something! Your homebody friend will love these simple gifts that just keep on giving.

Clay Wall HangingLeather CoastersLeather Wrapped Vase

For The Foodie

Food related presents are the best, and really lend themselves to being made in bulk. I love to get some pretty jars and add a nice tag to them.

Coffee Gift Box | Cutlery Holder| Chia Berry Jam

For The Sentimentalist

Photos are one of my favourite gifts, even just placing a few into a card is such a nice way to say I care without spending too much money. If you’re up for it, a frame or display is a lovely addition!

Plank Photo Display | Hanging Acrylic Frames | Framed Pictures

For the Fashion Lover

Gifts that you can wear, that are also handmade, are amazing! Accessories are a great place to start, but if you have the time, sewing something is very heartfelt.

Macrame Tote | Rope Belt | Fan Earrings | Wrap Skirt

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