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Five Ways I'm Repurposing Drawstring Bags

Zero Waste Jul 7, 2020

Have you noticed that with a push towards less packaging, you get so many drawstring bags when you do any sort of online shopping these days?

I love that we’re seeing better choices being made about packaging, which can be very wasteful sometimes. But if you’re not careful, you can end up with a cupboard full of unused drawstring bags. Never fear, there are lots of different ways to use them! Here are a few ways I’m using mine.


Using Them As Packing Cubes

OK so admittedly I’m not going anywhere at the moment, but when I did my big trip to Spain last year I used a bunch of them as packing cubes, there were such a useful way to organise and separate things inside my suitcase. They were especially useful in Frankie’s suitcase where all het tiny things could so easily get mixed up. I also use them in my carry on to make it easy to corral items.

Using Them For Buying Fresh Produce

This one is obvious but in case you’re thinking about buying containers or bags from a fancy sustainable packaging store, canvas or linen bags are such a great option! Just keep a bunch of them in the car for when you go shopping.

Making Fabric Napkins

Drawstring bags are great for storage but you can also view them as raw materials for sewing projects. One of the easiest ones is to make some linen napkins, which you can even just leave to fray naturally if you can’t be bothered to hem them. Last year I also made a cutlery holder using one which is ideal for further reducing your waste.

Using Them As Wrapping

I’m a big fan of creative wrapping ideas, and there are so many things you can do that don’t create waste. Using drawstring bags as wrapping paper is a great idea, you can add leaves, dried flowers or tassels as decoration!

Using Them For Storage

Finally, I have been absolutely loving using them in organisation around the house, particularly in my craft closet and in the laundry. They are just so handy!


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