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What's On My Craft Supplies List (To Survive Social Distancing)

Home DIY Mar 24, 2020

Thinking it might be time to add a few extra supplies to your craft closet? You’re not the only one.

No matter your living situation, spending the foreseeable future at home daunting. For me, the only way to get through it will be to stay home and try to get get creative. I mean, yes sometimes I want to lie on the sofa and just close m eyes for the whole day, but when I stay busy and create something I feel so much better. So you can expect lots of DIY ideas and projects here to keep you inspired. To begin with, I wanted to share with you what’s in my craft closet, the inexpensive things I always buy and have on hand that work for hundreds of different projects.

I recently put together a list on Amazon where you can easily shop my list of supplies.


Glue My go-to is E6000, which is just as usable for jewellery making as it is for gluing home projects. Buy here and here.

Raffia Raffia is great for making so many different projects around the house, including anything with tassels or fringe.  Buy here,  here and here.

Paint I always have a pot of white wall paint (Dulux vivid white is a go to) oj hand along with some smaller sample pots of paint colours to experiment with. Why not paint some vases White, DIY Chalk Paint or Terracotta. Or how about these DIY arched shelves?

Spray Paint If you’re a fan of upcycling, perhaps now is the time to consider updating some things around the house or an upcycling a bike!

Wooden planks It pays to have the odd timber plank on hand, I find them really use to use as shelves, for a bath tray or as the base of a bench. These can be picked up at any hardware store or at a recycling centre.

Rope If you buy one thing to keep you entertained whilst you’re stuck in the house, make it a big bundle of rope! I love rope for so many reasons – you can make lots of different macrame projects (including this one and this one) and you can also try your hand at more simple rope ideas like this one and this oneBuy here and here.

Twine Seriously, a ball of twine has so many uses! Make tassels out of it, or add it in bulk for a fringed effect. You can pick up twine pretty much anywhere like supermarkets, hardware stores and craft stores.

Clay Recently I’ve learnt all about how great clay is to use! How about some fridge magnets, a wall hanging or something for your kids room? You may also want to consider using air dry clay for your projects too! Buy it here and here.

Wooden Dowel Wooden dowels get a huge workout at our house. You can make them into coat racks, kitchen cup racks or a hat stand.

Chair and Table Legs  Hairpin legs have been part of my toolkit for years and for me, they never get old. Make a safari inspired bench like this or a simple plank oneBuy it here and here.

Leather & Leather Straps Leather is such a practical and aesthetic addition to any project, and I use it a lot! You can get your hands on leather in the form of scraps, or buy precut leather straps  or pieces which can be used for wrapped vases, coasters or jewellery storage. Buy it here and here.

Old Furniture Taking time to upcycle an old piece of furniture is a great way to distract yourself, keep yourself busy and bring some happiness into your everyday. I’m planning to upholster a chair, and tile a table. Wish me luck!

Wooden Beads I LOVE a wooden bead that adds texture and detail to a whole bunch of projects. Buy here and here.

Metal Rings Gold and silver metal rings of all sizes are ideal for making a huge range of projects. Buy small jump rings for wall hangings or larger ones for wreaths or lampshade updates!

Fabric There are so many great projects that you can make for the home that use simple fabrics, including these easy linen napkins, this lumbar pillow and these mud cloth cushions!

Foam Foam is a really great materials that you can use in heaps of projects, like this hanging headboard or as the base of a bench.

In case you’re looking for some projects to tide you over during this period of uncertainty, can I suggest my book? It’s filled with hundreds of creative DIY and styling ideas!


  • Australia & NZ readers can order their copy at Booktopia here.
  • USA readers can order their copy from Amazon here.
  • UK & Ireland readers can order their copy from Amazon here.
  • For readers in the rest of the world you can order your copy from Book Depository here.

Stay sane, stay crafting

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